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Written by on February 15, 2018





With a deliciously funky signature sound that has infected dance music hotspots the world over, South African duo GoldFish have been notching up success after success with albums and singles alike. And now, several months after dropping their highly-anticipated fifth artist album called ‘Late Night People’ (which racked up close to 7 million streams to date), they shift the focus of the electronic music spotlight to the fourth single of said album: ‘Hold Your Kite’ (with Sorana).

Listen to GoldFish & Sorana – Hold Your Kite


Watch the music video of GoldFish & Sorana – Hold You Kite

Watch the music video of GoldFish & Sorana – Hold You Kite

Evoking the feeling of bygone days and memories cherished through its single as well as the picturesque landscape shots of its accompanying music video, ‘Hold your Kite’ adds its own brilliant colors to the electronic music palette. The song features the wonderfully expressive vocals of exciting U.K.-based emerging artist Sorana and sees her soaring melody lines coupled with GoldFish’s skillful production, creating an uplifting record guaranteed to brighten the gloomiest of days.

Since locking themselves in their bedroom studio and emerging with debut album ‘Caught In The Loop’ in 2006, GoldFish have gone from one of dance music’s best-kept secrets to luminaries both as producers and on the live front. Their can-do attitude and unique musical vision led them to countless sold-out performances and festival appearances, a top 10 in the iTunes Dance chart in the United States, an MTV Africa award, a four-year residency at Pacha Ibiza and a list of support that runs from Sam Feldt and Klingande to Thomas Jack and Robin Schulz. A landmark in itself, their fifth album ‘Late Night People’ helped the duo stand out even further in and beyond the world of dance music and ‘Hold Your Kite’ marks one of the album singles that made it happen.



GoldFish, an electronic duo from the Southern-most tip of Africa, have gone from one of Dance Music’s best kept secrets to leading exponents of the Live Electronic Music scene. Their pioneering mix of saxophones, flute, double bass, keyboards and pounding House beats has touched a nerve with audiences across the world, coining the moniker ‘Re-Inventing the DJ.’ Once you experience a GoldFish live performance, you immediately know you are witnessing something special.

Between their grueling touring schedule, recording and surfing in all four corners of the globe, Dom and Dave have been quietly and steadily building a reputation for incendiary lives shows and hyper-catchy releases that are poised to spill them over into the mainstream consciousness. Their most recent release “Deep of the Night” just cracked 1 million streams and counting on Spotify. Other highlights including countless sold out performances and festival appearances everywhere, a top 10 on the US iTunes Dance chart, multiple SAMA’s, an MTV Africa award, a four-year residency at Pacha Ibiza, and a list of DJ’s including Robin Shulz, Klingande, Thomas Jack and Sam Feldt dropping their tracks as staples in their sets. Their unique and often controversial animated music videos have garnered tens of millions of views online, with a cult following eagerly awaiting the next installment. It’s almost hard to believe that not so long ago they were just Dom and Dave, two music students who led a relatively chilled life surfing and playing music in their original home of Cape Town. All that really did change when they decided to record an album.

Not having a record deal or many resources, they simply locked themselves in a bedroom…with a double bass, a saxophone and a couple of synths, recording their debut ‘Caught In The Loop’ on their own. A timeless dance/chill out record that received massive support from the international dance music scene, searching for something fresh and new. Pete Tong even called it his Ibiza Poolside Album of the Summer. A residency at Pacha Ibiza followed, and the Fishies honed their sound at one of the worlds’ most iconic superclubs before releasing ‘Perceptions Of Pacha,’ garnering a record-breaking 8 South African Music Award nominations and platinum sales in their home country. They followed this up with another SAMA award winning album ‘Get Busy Living’ (2010), and MTV Africa award winning ‘Three Second Memory’ (2013).


To get closer to the hotbed of dance music in America, the duo are now based in San Diego, focussing on their forthcoming new album ‘Tipping The Scales’ (2017), a jam-packed touring schedule – and definitely exploring the surf around California during the process. Already, they’ve begun conquering the stateside festival landscape. With a whirlwind of upcoming tour dates ahead, along with a new album deal inked with Armada Music, it’s clear that all eyes in the world’s fishbowl will continue to be locked on GoldFish for the foreseeable future.