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Written by on July 13, 2019


If there’s one thing the past few years have told us, it’s that Mokita is your one-stop shop for the kind of acoustic magic that sends sparks flying. The gifted, Nashville-based multitalent has a knack for creating brilliant crossover gems and conveniently offers a handful of those through his new, six-track EP: ‘2401’.

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As can be expected from an EP that comes from the hand of Mokita, ‘2401’ comes powered by club engineering and breaks out into flourishes of sound. Easily switching between R&B, pop and country sensibility, the ‘4201’ EP offers chill-out love songs for when the party rages on next door, and tenderness as refreshing as a jump in the pool.

Mokita: “‘4201’. the name of the EP, is just the street address number of the house where I wrote all the songs on the EP. Each song draws from a moment that’s happened in my life over the past year, and they’ve all been created start to finish in my bedroom studio, which makes each song feel special and unique. It’s cool to be able to create all the songs in the place you’re living; it just adds intimacy to the process of making music.”

When asked about his production process for lead single ‘More Than Friends’, Mokita added: “‘More Than Friends’ started with an acoustic guitar riff that I had been playing around with for several months. The lyrics came pretty naturally and I basically just matched the chorus melody with the acoustic guitar lead line. I had been listening to a lot of ‘80s music at the time and really tried to incorporate some classic sounding synths into the drop section. Lyrically, the song is super straightforward, and speaks into the difficulty of trying to be friends with someone that you were at one time ‘More Than Friends’ with.”

Born John-Luke Carter, Mokita started playing the piano at the age of six. After adding the guitar to his list of skills later on, he eventually ended up in the world of dance music production. Since, the Nashville-based musician has been making waves with a range of originals and remixes, all serving as a testament to his mastery of so many different musical disciplines. Spurred on by the success of ‘Monopoly’ (12M+ streams), ‘When I See you’ (11M+ streams) and ‘Love Alone’ (14M+ streams), he’s been lining up top-drawer cuts on a consistent basis, of which all six tracks on this EP are sterling examples.



More Than Friends
I Can’t Love You Anymore
Til I Don’t
I Still Do
Kiss & Tell
Inside Out