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TERRI B! ... HOUSECRUNCH, every saturday 1am on CLUBS DJ RADIO.



Volume HCTB 366 George Von Liger IN THE MIX.

The exclusive radio show created and mixed by Terri B! and her special guests.



Terri B! & Weather Girls Ft. Jason Anoushe - We Need Love (George Von Liger, Telussa & Tijssen Re-mix)
Disco Incorporated - Inferno (Massive Burning Mix)
Yuga – This Time Baby (Original Mix )
Till West & DJ Delicious – Same Man (Misha Klein & No Hopes 2018 Remix)
George Von Liger Feat. Telussa&Tijssen - Give me Luv (Original Mix)
George Von Liger - The Preacher (Orginal Mix)
C-Fast - That´s The Way (Original Mix)
Sinitta – Shine With Pride (Valiant Kings Remix)
Aretha Franklin vs Josh Butler - Gotta Pride A Deeper Love (Lee Dagger Bootleg Mix)
South Rocketz - Kalifornia (Wlady & T.N.Y. Edit Mix)
Block & Crown - Fall Once Again (Original Mix)
Lee Cabrera & Thomas Gold - Shake It 2K18 (AU-1 & Just Remix) (Club Mix) Filth & Pleasure - Endless Days (Original Mix)
Andrea Laddo Vs. Kraiz Ash SImons – Tales Of SassoBasso (George Von Liger 2019 On Spot Mashup)

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TERRI B! crew

Terri B!, is a remixer’s dream. She remains a highly acclaimed songwriter, producer, and dj/vocalist in the world of EDM and shows no signs of slowing down.

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